The Notions Shop

Businesses today often have workers who need never appear in the office, but there are times when holding meetings with everyone present might be a good idea in the future. It gives people an opportunity for better networking. The trade in ideas could be worth the time and effort it could take to have every employee present, so finding office space where a meeting would be easy might take a bit of searching. Converting the notions shop that closed half a century ago could be a good buy for a company.

There are many times when businesses close due to changes in technology, and notions shops were affected by the change in off-the-rack apparel. Women a century ago made most of the clothing for their families, and the notions shop was where they went to purchase fabric, buttons, hooks, needles and thread. Once they no longer needed all those items on a regular basis, the shop closed.

Many items in stores and shops that did not have a perishable date were bought in great quantity and stored in the basement or attic. Older shops might have had their main floors cleared, but many of the crates and boxes in cellars and attics were left behind. Purchasing an old notions store and finding those items could be an excellent way to recreate the atmosphere of a bustling business, and it could certainly save on purchasing new decor.

The space needed for a sales floor in that type of shop would have been huge due to the vast number of items available. Threads, yarns, and even laces in different shapes, thicknesses and colours would all be on display. Needles might have had an entire section of wall for all the sizes and varieties customers would have needed. Bolts of cloth would have taken up a large amount of space, and huge cabinets to hold patterns might have been along the entire back wall. All of that space could create one of the best meetings rooms any company could ever need.